Wednesday, 16 April 2014

We are Going to Have a Smart Television Party Tonight!

Every year on Halloween, my home is aglow with eerie charm as I join my long-suffering girlfriend (with a little range of our friends) for the night of traditional horror movies. The standard suspects all get an excursion, (the same ones we’ve always watched), like the original F.W Murnau ‘Nosferatu’, ‘The Shining’, ‘Ring’ (The Hideo Nakata version, obviously) and others still.

Clutching tightly onto out bowls of snacks or bags of sweets, many of us congregate round and try to get worked up about films we have watched a billion times earlier.

It is now a tradition that goes back to my younger years, when I lived with my dad and mom. In the past, Halloween was a great deal, we would cover the house with spooky decorations (usually acquired very cheaply one or two weeks after the prior year’s festivities).

Rubber spiders, cardboard skeletons and this cobwebby stuff that just sticks on you (and does not go away for months) would adorn both the within and outdoors of my parents’ home. We were fortunate enough to live nearby to an American Lady who often cooked (and shared) the most effective pumpkin pie I have ever tasted.

We would go ‘Trick or Treat-ing’ when we were little, obviously, but switched to gathering up for charity as we got older. We collected for Cancer Research, Parkinson’s Disease and, in 2001, we raised a tidy little amount for the people of 9/11 victims, I’m always pleased with that.

Back then; the horror movies would start early, habitually with one of the many, many (many) ‘Halloween’ sequels. Then, we’d improve to something else (my brother and I are pretty big followers of Mark Pellington’s criminally underrated 2002 film ‘The Mothman Prophecies’). Our neighbour’s children would often come over for a hotdog and many complimentary candy, so we always had to pause these films right at the good bits!

Why am I revealing you all this? Clearly, largely I desire to tell you all this as if I had a Panasonic 32-Inch TV, Halloween would be even better for this year and every year thereafter. Yeah, I am selling the thing, but I am doing this in an original and fascinating way, so just do me the favour and read to the end.

What is so extraordinary with the Panasonic 32 inch Smart tv?, I hear you ask, well, in addition to developing a whopping 32-Inch display (in full 1080P HD, no less), this brand new TV from market leaders Panasonic features built-in WiFi, so me and my associates could scare ourselves viewing the Youtube app for ‘Ghost Caught on Tape’ or such like.

The super-slim design for the tv means that it will fit simply into my residence, enabling us to reinforce the evening’s celebrations by inviting yet more friends.

To sum up, a spooky Halloween night full of chills, thrills and (inescapably with my mates) spills, will be so seriously improved by this Television’s superb visuals, crisp, atmospheric noises and also the eye-popping (literally in the case of perennial Samhain fave ‘Evil Dead II’) rendering of special effects, that I just felt compelled to tell you about it here.

More applications than it is possible to shake an apple ipad at and more features than you’ll be able to shake a DVD box set at (and more article clich├ęs than you’ll be able to shake a Halloween-obsessed hack at), make this a heck of a TV to have…On any night of our year.